Dominican Republic

  • Register the company with the Chamber of Commerce, specifying the commercial activities it will engage in.

  • Complete the company's registration with the RNC to obtain a taxpayer identification number.

  • Obtain the necessary commercial license from the DGII to operate the ridesharing service legally.

  • Fulfill the company's registration with the Ministry of Labor to ensure compliance with labor regulations.

  • Open a business bank account to manage financial transactions related to ridesharing operations.

  • Apply for the Operating License for Taxi Communication Companies from INTRANT once registered and prepared. INTRANT oversees transportation and traffic matters. Contact INTRANT at Tel.: (809) 338-6134 or

Before taking action, it is advised to consult with legal and business professionals well-versed in the laws and regulations of the Dominican Republic. Laws and regulations are subject to change, and the steps provided might not encompass all details or be current at the time of your reading.


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