Balancer Basics

As a Balancer, you can bring the TRIP protocol to your city by referring others in your city to form an atomic network of riders and drivers.

Want seat placards for your car, flyers to hang up, or cards to handout? Add your QR code to these templates and use them as much as you'd like to sign up riders. - Seat Placard - Flyer - Flyer - Explainer - Postcard - Business Card - T-Shirt - T-Shirt - Light

Every successful referral is recorded in the Teleport app.

We use rideshare simulations to estimate the atomic network for each city.

Right now, there might not be an estimate for your specific city.

In that case, look for a similar city to get an idea of how many riders and drivers will be needed.

We will add more cities to this list and update the estimates over time. Check back regularly.


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