Explorer Basics

This guide documents the basics of using the TRIP Explorer.

The TRIP Explorer is a useful tool to visualize the growth of the TRIP protocol.

After reading this guide, you will know:

  • How to view signups with the TRIP Explorer.

  • What a green region is in the TRIP Explorer.

  • How to find your city with the TRIP Explorer.

  • What's next for the TRIP Explorer.

Viewing Signups with the TRIP Explorer

You can use the TRIP Explorer to view signups on the TRIP protocol.

Each dot on the map corresponds to a location anonymized signup.

A signup is anyone that has downloaded the Teleport iOS app and accepted an invite.

You can also view the weekly growth rate of signups.

The weekly growth rate of signups is:

\frac{\text{# of weekly signups}}{\text{# of total signups}}

Where total signups is the total signups prior to the week's signups.

Green Regions in the TRIP Explorer

Any green regions on the map have an approved operator ready to facilitate trips.

Therefore all cities within a green region are eligible to be added to the TRIP network.

Check back regularly to see more TRIP regions turn green.

Finding your city with the TRIP Explorer

The TRIP Explorer uses 3D mapping software to display a map of the world.

You can scroll left to right, up and down, as well as zoom in and out.

Use these capabilities to find your city and zoom in to see local network activity.

What's next for the TRIP Explorer

More features will be added to the TRIP Explorer in time.

If you have suggestions on how to make the TRIP Explorer more useful, join the TRIP Community and start a discussion about your suggestions there.


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