Newsletter Basics

This guide documents the basics of the TRIP newsletter.

The TRIP newsletter is a publication of long-form articles about TRIP.

After reading this guide, you will know:

  • Where to read the TRIP newsletter.

  • What kind of articles are published in the TRIP newsletter.

  • How to suggest articles for the TRIP newsletter.

  • How to write for the TRIP newsletter.

Where to read the TRIP newsletter

The TRIP newsletter is primarily published on the Teleport account on X as Articles.

You can view the issues by clicking the "Articles" tab on the Teleport account.

Issues of the newsletter can also be found in the Newsletter section of the Guides site.

What kind of articles are published in the TRIP newsletter

A great way to think about what kind of articles are published in the newsletter is to compare newsletter issues with guides.

A TRIP guide is a long-form piece of content that explains an aspect of the TRIP protocol. Guides are evergreen and more like tutorials or support documentation.

A TRIP newsletter issue is a long-form piece of content that discusses news or updates related to the TRIP protocol and our progress as a community towards achieving our mission.

Newsletter issues do not have to be evergreen. In fact, they are often timely to current events.

They also don't have to be generalized and applicable to everyone. They can be specific stories or human interest pieces related to noteworthy people, places, or events happening in the TRIP community.

For an example, the first issue of the newsletter was called "Rideshare Economics 101". In it, the authors compared the economics of traditional ridesharing with the economics of TRIP.

Not all issues of the newsletter need to be so in-depth and researched focused. If you think you have a good idea for a newsletter, suggest it!

Whatever the suggestion, it can be shaped into a great issue of the newsletter or even a guide.

How to suggest articles for the TRIP newsletter

To suggest articles for the newsletter:

  1. Create a free GitHub account (don't worry you don't need to code).

  2. In the TRIP Guides Issue tracker on GitHub, click "New Issue".

  3. Find "Newsletter proposal" and click "Get started".

  4. Propose a newsletter issue and click "Submit new issue".

Once you've done so there will be an issue created with your newsletter proposal.

Members of the TRIP team and community can comment on the issue to ask questions, propose suggestions, and generally discuss the idea.

Once the proposal is in a good place, you or someone else can start writing the issue.

Suggesting a newsletter issue doesn't commit you to necessarily writing the issue yourself.

Suggesting a newsletter issue doesn't mean that someone else will necessarily write it for you.

How to write for the TRIP newsletter

The best way to write for the newsletter is to propose one or more newsletter issues.

You'll get feedback from the TRIP team and community on your proposals.

Once the proposal is in a good place, you will be encouraged to start writing.

As you write, share your work early and often. If you do, the process will be more enjoyable.

To get your newsletter issue published:

  1. Create a free Gitbook account (This is where public facing content is published).

  2. Scroll to the Newsletter section. Hover over it and click the "+" to create a new page.

  3. Use the new page to write your newsletter issue.

  4. Once ready click "Request a review" to get feedback on your issue.

Once approved, your newsletter issue will be published here on the Guides site.

Soon after it will be published as an article on X.


You're encouraged to help improve the quality of this guide.

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You may also find incomplete content or stuff that is not up to date. Please do add any missing content by creating a free account in GitBook. Check the TRIP Guides Guidelines for style and conventions.

If for whatever reason you spot something to improve but cannot do it yourself, please open an issue.

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